Idea and benefits of the programme

For one year, “ici. here together.” gives money and professional advice to local and regional projects that bring together people from a wide array of cultural backgrounds – and with it, strengthen cohesion. It is looking for projects primarily put into practice by volunteers.


“ici. here together.” offers the following

1. Financial support 

"ici. here together." grants financial support (Mini grants) between CHF 500 and 2,500.

2. Specialist support

After discussion with the selected projects, “ici. here together.” selects an expert to offer professional support to the project (only for projects funded in 2022 and 2023).

3. Networking

"ici. together here." helps the projects being supported to network via events, the website, social media and other offerings. In addition, the activities carried out as part of the projects are also given coverage in local reporting.

4. Accompanying research

The projects supported are accompanied on an academic level by the Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies and the St.Gallen University of Teacher Education. The findings of the accompanying research help the project teams and experts working on integration and migration. They are intended to spark discussions about topics such as cohesion and integration.

5. Supplementing integration support

“ici. here together.” supplements state funding and was developed in collaboration with state and private bodies and organisations that promote integration. The focus is on projects based on voluntary work that supplement the cantons’ existing integration offerings.

The programme’s advisory board ensures coordination, dialogue and collaboration. It consists of members of the Federal Commission on Migration (FCM), the Tripartite Conference (TK), the Swiss Conference of Specialist Bodies for Integration (KoFI) and the Conference of Communal, Regional and Cantonal Integration Delegates (KID).