For associations applying for a Mini-Grant in 2024:

A large number of applications were submitted. The jury had to make a selection. They paid particular attention to the following aspects of each project:

Social relevance in the field of cultural diversity: the project owners aim to solve currentissues in integration and migration.

Quality and potential for implementation: the project owners aim to achieve a social impact that is ambitious yet realistically planned.  

Networking and involvement: the project owners operate in a networked manner and involves the target group in the development of the project at least occasionally. 

Social sustainability: as far as possible, the project owners take social sustainability criteria into consideration not only when setting their objective but also in the concrete implementation of its project (e.g. diversity within teams, barrier-free access, use of gender-sensitive language).

Applicants may submit no more than one Mini-Grant application per project and no more than two Mini-Grant applications per year to “ici. here together.”.

Any additional funding applications submitted to Migros Culture Percentage in the same year will not be approved. Please note our information about funding for social and community projects at: engagement.migros.ch and contact info@ici-gemeinsam-hier.ch if you have any questions . 

For projects that received funding in 2022 and 2023:

Project teams had the opportunity to state on the application whether they would need any advice and, if so, what kind. In addition, the jury sometimes makes a recommendation for specialist support. After this, the project leadership at “ici. here together.” arranges specialist support if possible. 

It is not possible to request advice after this point. 

If you have not had any, or in your view, enough, specialist support – financed by “ici. here together.” – you can look for suitable services offered by our partners.

Many projects requested networking opportunities. We recommend contacting the other project teams directly and entering into dialogue with them.

“ici. here together.” is one of the few funding programmes to offer both money and professional advice. This type of specialist support is carefully reviewed and arranged. 

If you have not had any, or in your view, enough, specialist support, you can look for suitable services offered by our partners.

Feel free to explore the services offered by our regional partners. 

If you’ve already got experience of volunteering and want to share this with others (e.g. in an “ici. here together.” newsletter), get in touch: info@ici-gemeinsam-hier.ch

Here are a couple of ideas:
-    Work together to decide who needs to do what and when
-    Communicate clearly and transparently
-    Listen to each other and design the project so it works for everyone
-    Create trust and maintain appreciative relationships with all stakeholders
-    Plan with an eye to the future 
-    Work resources from vitamin B

If you’ve already discovered how to organise your projects better, get in touch: info@ici-gemeinsam-hier.ch

The amount of financial support is reviewed by the programme director and jury and set for the project in question. This takes into account the amount requested in the application and the jury’s recommendation. 

You will be notified as soon as your application has been approved. The amount granted will then be automatically transferred to your organisation's account by Migros Culture Percentage. 

Please note that the name of the organisation must match the name on the bank account exactly.

Do you have any questions? Please write to info@ici-gemeinsam-hier.ch.

The money is intended for the agreed period. Under the contract, the projects are obliged to use the money for the agreed activities. 

The money is to be used depending on the activity, and by 30 April 2024 at the latest.

Has your project changed substantially or are there major differences from your application? If so, get in touch: info@ici-gemeinsam-hier.ch

-    Financial support, in other words, money (see contract)
-    Specialist support, in other words, advice (if applicable, see contract)
-    Accompanying research 
-    Support with communication 
-    Community events where you can meet other people and network
-    Simple, straightforward processing of financial support
-    Contact person for any questions

Any questions?