About us

“ici. here together.” gives money and professional advice to local and regional projects that bring together people from a wide array of cultural backgrounds and enable them to take part in day-to-day life in Switzerland.

"ici. here together." is enabled by:

Foundation for Language and Training Promotion (SSUB)

The foundation aims to promote foreign language skills to support understanding and friendship between people with different languages and cultures. The foundation’s funds come from a global network of 35 schools where foreign languages are taught. More about the SSUB

Migros Commitment

Migros has been committed to supporting the wider community since 1957 – and donates CHF 160 million annually to do so. It provides a broad range of offerings and is setting daring new trends in the areas of coexistence, culture, training, health, technology, ethics, climate and resources. The diversity, independence and stability of Migros’ work is unparalleled globally. More about Migros’ commitment to the wider community

In collaboration with:

Federal Commission on Migration (FCM)

The FCM consists of 30 migration experts, selected by the Federal Council. By law, they are tasked with exploring social, economic, cultural, political, demographic and legal questions relating to foreign nationals being resident in Switzerland.

Conference of Communal, Regional and Cantonal Integration Delegates (KID)

The KID is the specialist conference for questions on integration, migration and racism. It encourages dialogue between cantons, cities, municipalities and regions, along with the relevant federal bodies, institutions and organisations.

Swiss Conference of Specialist Integration Bodies (KoFI)

This association is politically and religiously independent and aims to improve the quality of integration work in Switzerland.

Tripartite Conference (TK)

The Tripartite Conference supports collaboration between the federal government, cantons and cities.