New study: Insight into ten projects supported by "ici. here together."



Wir alle sind Kultur

Dina Bader and Leonie Mugglin from the Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies SFM have accompanied ten projects funded by "ici. here together.". The study has now been published.

On behalf of “ici. here together.”, the Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies SFM at the University of Neuchâtel surveyed the owners of ten funded projects from all over Switzerland on intercultural encounters: 

  • “Wandern für alle” (“Hiking for all”) in Bern
  • "With-In-Out” in Fribourg
  • “Für eine gelingende Integration braucht es eine ganze Region” (“Successful integration requires the whole region”) in Grisons
  • “Nachbarschaft Utopia” (“Neighbourhood Utopia”) in Lucerne
  • "Jardins du Mycélium" (“Gardens of Mycelium”) in Neuchâtel
  • “Bunte Spunte” (“The Colourful Centre”) in Nidwalden
  • “Wir alle sind Kultur!” (“We’re all culture!”) in Schaffhausen (pictured)
  • “Laboratorio sociale e di integrazione” (“Social and Integration Laboratory”) in Ticino
  • “Espace Citoyen des Petits Cailloux” (“Little Stones Community Centre”) in the Canton of Vaud
  • “Sportegration” in Zurich

How can we foster intercultural encounters?

Researchers Dr Dina Bader and Leonie Mugglin have investigated: 

  • how the projects facilitate intercultural encounters; 
  • how to avoid patronising attitudes and instead promote equal relationships; 
  • whether the projects are designed in a way that enables such equal encounters at eye level; 
  • whether and how they foster the potential of all participants.
  • What role volunteering plays. 

On 1 May 2024, “SFM Studies #86: Scientific monitoring of projects of intercultural encounters” was published. 

The summary provides an overview of the results. It also features interesting insights into the ten projects and many verbatim quotes (from page 15). 

SFM has been providing “ici. here together.” with scientific support since 2022. It has authored a preliminary study.