Community event for «ici. here together.» on Friday, 3 May 2024, in Lucerne


We are meeting on Friday, 3 May 2024 for the «ici. here together.» community event. It takes place at a very special location: the Neubad in Lucerne, a former indoor swimming pool that has been used as an event venue since 2012.

Eye to eye: the potential of diversity in project work

We invite representatives of all projects that have received funding to date. The ‘pool’ will be the setting for a lively exchange about opportunities, challenges and ways to achieve equal collaboration in diverse teams. 

Are you in? Register now using the form below – we look forward to seeing you!


Between 9.30 and 10.30 a.m.: Warm-up

Arrival at the Neubad in Lucerne: get here, check in and make your first contacts over coffee and croissants

10.30 a.m.: Jump into the pool

We officially start the day in the ‘pool’ of the Neubad: Angela and Gülsha dive into the topic with you. 

  • Angela Zumbrunn, Programme Director of «ici. here together.», Social Affairs and Culture Department, Federation of Migros Cooperatives
  • Gülsha Adilji, presenter and journalist

10.45 a.m.: A welcome from your host – Migros Cooperative Lucerne

Verena Randall, Head of Migros Culture Percentage at the Migros Cooperative Lucerne, can’t wait to welcome you to cosmopolitan Lucerne.

10.55 a.m.: Deep dive

How the Mosaïk association sees diversity as an opportunity: a self-reflection

The Mosaïk association seeks to overcome existing barriers and promote social cohesion and empathy by shining a positive light on the ways in which people are different. 

11.15 am: Q&A session with the Mosaïk team

Moderated by Gülsha Adilji

11.30 am: Crawl

Speed dating: Who are the other 'fish' in the pool?

Get to know many people in a very short time and learn more about their projects.  

Moderated by Gülsha Adilji

11.55 am: Synchronised swimming

What does it take to achieve genuine equality in intercultural projects?

Dr Dina Bader shares the results of her study ‘Intercultural communication and encounters in everyday life’. She carried it out on behalf of «ici. here together.» at the Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies (SFM).

12.05 pm: Butterfly

What do bilingual and multilingual children need?

Prof. Franziska Vogt und Mita Ray von Siebenthal are experts in early-childhood education and bilingual upbringing. They research and teach at the St.Gallen University of Teacher Education.

12.15 p.m.: Q&A session with Dina, Franziska and Mita

Moderated by Gülsha Adilji

12.30 p.m.: Vegetarian/vegan lunch

We refuel with international specialties in the ‘pool’

1.45 p.m.: Key note speech by Government Councillor Ylfete Fanaj

Ylfete Fanaj, born 1982, Seconda with kosovarian roots. Member of the Lucerne Cantonal Government since 2023 and Head of the Department of Justice and Security.

Moderated by Gülsha Adilji

14.15: Swimming relay

We use our swarm intelligence to run an open space (open exchange on the topics of your choice) and a workshop in parallel:

  • 2.30 to 3.15 p.m.: Group 1 in Open Space, Group 2 in the workshops
  • 3.30 to 4.15 p.m.: Group 2 in Open Space, Group 1 in the workshops

The «ici. here together.» information stand: Ask Angela your questions

4.15 p.m.: Sprint 

What we learned today and what you can look forward to.

Angela sums up the day and tells you what's planned next.

4.30 p.m.: Out of the pool

Tschüss – Au revoir – Ciao – Adios – Bye-bye! 
We make our way home.


Please indicate your preference when registering.

1. Working with volunteers: moderated by Elsbeth Fischer-Roth, consultant at Vitamin B

(German with simultaneous interpretation into Italian) 

2. Working with volunteers: moderated by Florian Mottier, coordinator at Bénévolat Fribourg


3. Implementing projects on an equal footing: moderated by Maria-Cecilia Quadri, co-director of Institut Neue Schweiz INES and project manager of the akku art platform

(German with simultaneous interpretation into Italian) 

4. Implementing projects on an equal footing: moderated by Nadine Ndjoko and Naïma Serroukh, Mosaïk



Who can take part?

2 people per project can take part.

Where will the Community Event 2024 take place?

In the Neubad at Bireggstrasse 36 in 6003 Lucerne. The Neubad can be reached from Lucerne railway station in approx. 15 minutes on foot or in approx. 10 minutes by bus number 4 (Kante C) to the "Steghof" stop (Google Maps).

How much does the event cost?

The event including catering is free of charge. The travel expenses for public transport (2nd class) will be reimbursed. Please send us an invoice (e.g. using this template) and enclose the receipts.


Anmeldeschluss: 12. April 2024

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