Dates and requirements

The 2023 call for proposals ran from 3 April to 31 May 2023 and the jury selected 83 projects to receive funds and/or professional coaching from November 2023 to December 2024.

The supported projects meet these requirements:


solidarity, diversity and appreciation are at the heart of your project.


your project team is diverse and consists of people from different cultural backgrounds and origins.


your project is involved in one of these areas:

  • Here together, everyday: Associations, meetings, groups, tandems and networks that bring people from diverse backgrounds and cultures together – and with it, strengthen cohesion.
  • Growing up multilingual here, together: Services that support children up to the age of six and their families to speak their family languages outside the home, too, thereby promoting social diversity.

Voluntary nature

most people in your project team are volunteers and do not earn any money from this work.


your project brings people together from different     countries and cultures on an equal footing and is aimed at people for whom there is not much on offer at present.


your project works on a local or regional basis.

“ici. here together.” does not give money to offerings supported by official bodies, e.g. schools, vocational training, etc.



Any questions?